Powder Coating Galvanised Steel

With galvanising still remaining the most popular form of long term corrosion protection on steel, correctly applying a suitable decorative coating with an equivalent life span is an essential requirement for both architect and private specifier.

At RWPC, galvanised steel products such as gates, railings, frameworks and structural bracketry are subject to a 4 stage process:


Sharp points, lumps and rough areas present as a result of the galvanising process are removed or smoothed out.


The products are then chemically pre-treated to tarnish the shiny galvanised surface and leave a finish more suitable for paint adhesion.


Products are heated to full powder coating cure temperatures to remove carbon dioxide prior to coating and prevent pinholling in the finished product.

Powder Coating

Products are then powder coated using architectural grade polyester powders to ensure maximum durability and resistance to sunlight fading. Customers have the option of specifying a korroprimer base to promote a smoother finish and further increase durability.

Coated to the BS6497 standard.